04.03.2018 | Category : Products

perfectControl DAPTIQ

Well connected. Accurate.

The automatic perfectControl DAPTIQ calibrating unit is easy to integrate in the CAQ system by means of the TORKMASTER software supplied and is equipped with an RFID reader to enable it to detect tools. This speeds up workflows in the calibration laboratory and increases efficiency.

Even without CAQ integration, the motorised perfectControl DAPTIQ considerably reduces the amount of time and effort required for calibration and adjustment of torque wrenches. perfectControl DAPTIQ permits measurement without the risk of displacement of the force loading point and ensures extremely precise calibration. Thanks to the CAQ interface, it simultaneously ensures improved, faster more easily verifiable control of monitoring and measuring equipment, because the CAQ system can exchange data through TORKMASTER.


The TORKMASTER software supplied contains comprehensive parameter databases with measuring and test points for STAHLWILLE torque tools, enabling particularly fast, automatic testing and calibration in accordance with the latest version of DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 Parts 1 and 2.


perfectControl DAPTIQ identifies the torque wrench to be calibrated by means of RFID. The appropriate data record is automatically transmitted by the CAQ system to the TORKMASTER software. All the necessary settings are automatically made.


The superordinate CAQ system has access to all the test data all the time. The user is not required to do anything – all the data and logs of the calibration process are securely transmitted.


Additional benefits

  • Accurate. All measurements are possible without moving the point of application of force. The transducers detect exactly, digitise the measurements and transmit them to the PC.
  • Modular. The basic versions of perfectControl will calibrate torque wrenches up to 400 N·m. If the 7791-1 Extension Unit is added, calibrations up to 1000 N·m are possible.
  • Safe. The accurately mounted spindle and the fi nely controlled motor prevent incorrect measurements.
  • Individual. perfectControl 7794-3 is also suitable for calibrating angle-controlled wrenches. Thanks to the integrated motor, the working height can be adjusted to suit the user.