04.03.2018 | Category : Products


Security. Integrated.

Using the integrated wireless module, MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ can communicate bidirectionally with other tools, appliances and the PPC and, in this way, receive instructions and settings. An ideal capability in production in the context of Industry 4.0.

For the user, this has a decisive advantage: he or she can concentrate fully on the task in hand – it is not necessary to adjust any settings. For the employer, the benefits are far greater: production processes run more efficiently, the »human factor« as a possible source of errors is minimised in many process steps and consistently high product quality is ensured. At the same time, induction and instruction times are much reduced. And the PPC can independently read out and store all the data required for legally watertight documentation purposes.


MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ is the ideal torque tool for highly flexible, semiautomated work environments. It is integration- and Industry 4.0 capable thanks to its bidirectional open-source interface and wireless module.


MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ transmits signals at extremely short intervals. This means the PPC always has a detailed picture of the current tightening action and can intervene precisely if necessary.


STAHLWILLE has made all the control commands for the MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ openly accessible. This means that system integrators at the customer’s site can use exactly the commands they need to link the tool into their production workflows in just the way they need.


Additional benefits

  • Electromechanical. MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ delivers the best of both worlds: absolute accuracy, diverse programming options and logging functionality, thanks to the intuitive digital operator guidance system, coupled with the tactile benefit of the »click« from a mechanical trigger mechanism.
  • Logging function. All the fastener readings can be fully and automatically read out via the wireless connection and stored in the enterprise’s control systems. In this way, MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ provides a measurable improvement in process efficiency and safety.
  • Flexible. Two measuring methods (torque / tightening angle).
  • Multisensory. Acoustic and visual assessment of each measurement.
  • Exact. Thanks to the extremely low indication of deviation (± 2% for torque and ± 1% for angle).