19.03.2020 | Category : Products

HI-LOK tools

A patented boost to safety.

HI-LOK pins have become extremely popular in aerospace construction – they make it possible to achieve reliable structural joints even in safety-critical, restricted work environments. This is exactly where the compact and patented HI-LOK ratchet from STAHLWILLE comes in. Additional benefits for you: unlike HI-LOK ratchets from other manufacturers, ours offer the highest possible protection against Foreign Object Damage (FOD).

Conventional HI-LOK ratchets are merely conventional ratchets with a drilled tool mount for insertion of a hexagon key. The problem is that the tool is not held captive by a ball or pin. This means the ratchet is no longer FOD safe.

With the patented STAHLWILLE HI-LOK ratchet, this is different: the hexagon key simply pushes the ball retention system to one side. As soon as the hexagon key is removed, the ball moves back into its usual place.


Our new HI-LOK Bolt Set 40a/40aD/16/2 offers, in addition to the 1/4" HI-LOK ratchet, ten socket inserts, an extension and six hexagon socket screw keys housed in a case made of robust, lightweight ABS plastic. The additional Tool Control System (TCS) inlay with its yellow signal colour ensures that the user can see at a glance whether anything is missing.


80 teeth

Eighty teeth provide a tight ratchet angle of only 4.5° – facilitating precision working in confined spaces

FOD safe

The STAHLWILLE HI-LOK ratchet accepts either a hexagon key or a conventional 1/4" drive socket with a ball groove or hole and still guarantees loss-free working with sockets.

Tiny tools

HI-LOK joints are very small and require correspondingly small tools. This also raises the bar in terms of the demands on FOD safety.

Special-purpose hexagon socket screw keys

Imperial and metric offset screwdrivers and extensions are available in three lengths.


The set provides ten sockets with the STAHLWILLE Anti-Slip drive (AS Drive) profile which permits high transmission of forces to the flats of nuts and bolts without damaging them.